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Laura Huebner

brand and web designer • owner

Dotted Design is an individually-run design studio that helps small businesses create brands they can be proud to share through beautiful and functional design. If I summarized my design style in two words, it would be, “modern simplicity.”

With an enthusiasm for a simple, clean aesthetic, I bring creativity and thoughtful, strategic design to every project. I work with you to build a visual brand that both shares who you are at the core of your business and connects with your ideal customers. When you can confidently tell the right story with your brand, your success is unstoppable.

In addition to my studio, I serve as creative director for Flora Stationery, a nonprofit that empowers women through university scholarships in developing countries. You can also find me as part of the Creative Lady Directory and on the in-house council for The Collective (of Us), a mentorship community for women entrepreneurs.

I live in Milwaukee with my husband & son, and an extensive black-and-white-striped shirt collection. When I’m not lost in Adobe Creative Suite, I am often found reading for my book club, running along Lake Michigan, practicing handlettering, or hanging out with my family. But, most likely, I’m eating peanut butter.

Ready to get started on some designing? I’d love to hear all about you!



quality comes first

I take the time to build the brand that is meaningful & makes you proud, not simply what is quickest & easiest to get done. I measure success by how well your brand works for your business.

communication is key

I want to get to know your business on a deeper level, and that means we must always be conscious of keeping one another informed. I serve you best when we are clear about our expectations.

timeless over trendy

I want to build you a brand that will grow and evolve with your business, not one that replicates what seems neat right now. Understanding the heart of your brand is what helps tell your story.

simplicity is everything

When we take away the fluff and focus on refinement and clarity, that is when your brand can truly sing. I want your brand to tell its story — not shout wildly to compete for attention.

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fun details

I have a ridiculous obsession with peanut butter • I love to send cards • I have a travel wishlist a mile long • I pretend I’m a ballerina with my very turned-out feet • I often crack myself up with terrible dad jokes • I never go a day without dark chocolate • I will never eat the last cookie or take the last nacho • I have many old lady tendencies • I would eat breakfast for every meal • I have a passion for college basketball (Go Butler!) • I will always write you a handwritten thank you • I married the boy who made me smile the most • I love ampersands • I love getting lost in good book & love the library • I abhor tomatoes • I wear too much black • I believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication