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Small Biz Chats on Dotted Design -- Erin Flynn  

For this edition of Small Biz Chats, I'm chatting with Erin E Flynn. She is an awesome developer who also helps designers & developers streamline their businesses through courses, ebooks, her free community for designers and developers, Unstoppable Crew, and her new course, Creative Compass. Check out what insights she has to share with us today!

What is your business, and why did you start it? 

I help web designers and developers streamline their businesses and communicate with clients. I started this business because as a web designer/developer myself I noticed a problem with client communication and business organization in the industry. I wanted to help solve this problem and make other web designers' lives easier!


Erin E Flynn


What were you doing before you launched your business? 

Before I started this phase of my business I was doing web design and development on my own for a few years. I enjoyed it, and still take on limited projects, but really enjoy the change in my business and being able to help others in my industry.


How did you find your first paying clients/customers, and what really helped you to grow your business? 

A few years ago I compiled a PDF of the emails I use to deal with difficult clients. Other designers bought and enjoyed it, so since then I've been brainstorming ideas to help other designers. Earlier this year I finally made the transition from web designer/developer to a teacher for web designers/developers. I now have a few ecourses and other resources to help designers out, and they've been really fun to create! My audience for this new phase in my business is growing, and I'm sure when I release more products later this year it will continue to grow.


What tools are most important to help you stay organized and on task? 

I'm a huge fan of Freedcamp for organizing projects and working with others. It's simple to use and helps us all stay on-track!


What aspect of your business is your absolute favorite thing that you do? 

I love being able to interact with and help designers. I do this primarily through my free Facebook group, where designers can ask questions and get the support they need from me and others in the group.


Creative Compass


What do you think is the biggest challenge that creative small business owners face today? How can we handle it? 

Information overwhelm! To be honest, there's so much information out there that it can be paralyzing. You can't learn everything before you start, so at some point it's important to stop absorbing information, and focus on creating. Otherwise you'll never get started, and you'll never make anything!


Do you have a dream project type that you'd love to do someday?

Eventually I have plans to launch a premium program that not only includes a course, but one-on-one mentorship so that I can really dig into my students' businesses and help them re-work their processes and plan so that their business really works for them!


What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to launch his/her own business?

Figure out how you want your life to be, and build your business around that. As an entrepreneur you have the opportunity to fit your business into your life, instead of living your life around your work. Don't miss that opportunity. Get a plan in place and make it happen!


And finally, what is your favorite mid-workday snack? 

Coffee, but if that doesn't count as a snack, I'll go with an apple and sun butter!

Thanks to Erin for sharing her story! See all in the Small Biz Chats series here.

If you're interested in Erin's course, Creative Compass, check it out here!*

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