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Using a Brand Style Board • Dotted Design  

If you've spent much time on Pinterest, you've likely seen all kinds of brand boards floating around. Or, if you have worked with a designer, you might have received one but not known exactly what to do with it! Brand style boards are a great tool to have in your arsenal, and they can be a big help when you are creating graphics and visuals for your business.

A brand style board offers a quick, visual summary of the style and components of your visual brand identity. Let's use this one below for reference:

Hadley Boutique identity | Dotted Design

You'll see it displays how your main logo appears along with any variations. It outlines which fonts to use, which colors are part of your palette (often with their hex codes so you can match it), and brand patterns if you have them. Sometimes they will include photo examples to demonstrate the style and feel your photography should have.

The brand style board is a great way to stay focused if you are someone who has a hard time sticking to brand elements or is always wanting to try new things. Following the selections will help you maintain the oh-so important consistency in your brand as you create blog post graphics, PDF downloads, social media posts, and more.

If you don't have one for your brand yet, follow these steps to create your own!

  1. Establish your logo. If you haven't gotten one designed, consider using a simple type-only version instead of making something too complicated. You may also want a few versions - one for vertical use, one for horizontal use, and one for small applications. You may also want one that works well as a watermark for your photos!
  2. Choose your brand fonts. One of the horrors of a brand that is not well thought out is the use of endless font combinations! Pick one to be your main headline font, and something legible for your subheaders and body copy. If you're feeling adventurous, you can choose a more decorative font, like a script or patterned one to use sparingly. Your fonts have a big influence on the personality of your brand, so choose ones that fit the style you want to achieve. (For tips on pairing fonts, see here!)
  3. Create your color palette. Here is another place where keeping it simple is key. Your color choices can mean the difference between overwhelming rainbow and sophisticated business! I recommend choosing 3 main colors, and a handful of secondary colors, including your neutrals. For example, your main colors might be teal, pink, and navy, along with yellow as an accent and white as your neutral. If you aren't sure where to begin, start a Pinterest board and collect images you are drawn to. Look for patterns in the colors and pull out your favorites. Once you settle on the colors, use the same hex codes every time! (For more color tips, see here!)
  4. Consider some patterns and textures. You can use patterns in backgrounds of your graphics, on business cards, as an overlay on photos, or as an accent on your other documents. You can find reasonable ones to purchase at places like Creative Market or Design Cuts.
  5. Take a look at the complete board. Does the overall feel of it jive with the style and personality you want your brand to have? If something feels off, adjust it!


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