new work: Out of Office Notes

OON-logo I'm excited to share another recent project today, and this one is for the ladies. New mom Allie came to me looking for a brand identity for her new site, Out of Office Notes. Allie is an HR professional, and after searching for advice on her own career path once she learned she was becoming a mom, she never found something that made her feel like she could be both mama and boss lady. Her blog is intended to be a space for all career-minded mothers looking for that right balance between motherhood and career, who don't want to lose themselves in either one, and who are interested in keeping up with industry trends and keeping their professional side polished. Sounds like something all women could benefit from!

This project was fun to start because I already knew that our styles are definitely in sync. She wants to build a space that is meaningful and inspiring, as well as soft, modern, and sophisticated. We started with this mood board as a way to summarize the visual direction of her branding:


OON Moodboard



From there, we went through some logo options, and eventually landed at this beautiful set:


OON brand board | Dotted Design



If you are a woman looking for any sort of career balance, whether it's with your children or even something else important in your life, you should check out this lovely lady and Out of Office Notes!



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