New work: Sewing and the City

There are few things as fun as sharing some new work! While I tend to move at a snail's pace when it comes to updating my portfolio and sharing new projects, this one is hot off the press. Christine came to me as she was starting to build a new website called Sewing and the City. She hopes to build both a resource for all things sewing as well as a community for sewers. She makes things straight from the runway and loves all things high fashion. Her brand is modern and authentic, handmade yet chic.

We started with a mood board to sum up her color palette and style vibe. We landed on a black and white base with a cherry red and goldenrod accent set. The typography combines a high-fashion serif with a more personal, handwritten accent.

Sewing moodboard | Dotted Design

Then came the initial logo designs, striving to combine that handmade element with a chic, sophisticated tone. Think personality and drive rather than cutesy and crafty:

Sewing concepts | Dotted Design

Christine really thought about and determined it was important to include an icon in the main logo that connected to her beloved sewing machine, focusing less on the "city" part of the brand.

Here's the final look! It combines the high-end type with a bit of handwritten flair, the sewing machine imagery, and a base that mimics stitching.

Sewing style guide | Dotted Design

We also did some social media profile graphics. Christine is now preparing to launch the site, and then we'll finish up with some business cards and stationery.

I loved working on a unique brand like this! Christine is fabulous, and I'll be sure to share once her site it up and running.

PS Do you need logo help? I'd love to work with you to bring you brand to life! Get in touch.


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