WIP: Lisa Copeland

Lisa Logo Concepts | Dotted Design One of my favorite types of client is women who are out in the world, making things happen. I connected with Lisa Copeland through a former client of mine, and we're working on both a full branding and website design project. Lisa started her career in the auto sales industry {very male dominated} and since then has worked on marketing campaigns with major companies like Fiat. Now she also travels around the country speaking to inspire women in the workplace. Pretty neat!

Lisa wants to have an inspiring brand that is feminine but not girly, statement-making, and modern. We're working with a black, white, and purple color palette, but in this first round of logos I'm sharing we're sticking with black and white, like I do on all first round designs! It really lets people see the composition of the logo and not get caught up in a color that might not click. She loved the idea of some sort of monogram or using the letters of her name in some way.

Can't wait to share the final product in the coming weeks!


branding, designLaura Huebner