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Tools for Running Your Business | Dotted Design Running your own business or freelance gig demands organization. There are so many options when it comes to project management, site hosting, accounting -- it can get so overwhelming!

I've started a new Resources page on my site as a way to track options for everything business-related, and today I wanted to share more about the particular ones that I'm currently using:

Hosting Because I'm on Wordpress, I use Flywheel. They have speedy customer service and migrating your site is complimentary! Plus, super designer-friendly.

Project Management While there are tons of options, the one that makes sense for me is Trello. I start a card for each client project, and checklists to keep track of what items need to get done and when. I also keep cards for personal projects or ideas I have that I can save for when I have a slower week.

Accounting While for a long time I just kept my own spreadsheets to keep track of income and expenses, I've found that Wave does a great job of organizing and keeping track of my accounting. Plus, I can send invoices straight from Wave and accept credits cards. And, it's free!

Contract Signing I use HelloSign to get e-signatures. It's a very simple interface, and you can send three free contracts per month. After that, it's a low monthly rate for unlimited documents.

Email I am in love with Boomerang for Gmail. I am very diligent in keeping my client communication to business hours only (I refuse to be harassed on weekends), which includes emails. Because I may occasionally catch up on emails during the week or in the evening, I use Boomerang to schedule my email to send at a later time, during business hours. Then, I don't set the precedent of weekend replies. You can also schedule to have an email reappear later as new in your inbox if you want to be reminded of it.

Printing While I love Moo as much as anyone, it's getting a little redundant to see the super thick matte cards that they make everywhere. When I want something a little different, I love the options at Print Peppermint! They are the most reasonable letterpress and foil I've seen, and the quality is great.

Web Design A great tool for web designers is InVision. Once I get a design going in Photoshop, I can upload a png of the page to InVision so that the client can preview it in a browser. It makes it much easier to see how the page will look online vs. trying to envision it from a PDF (and it also can be a nice reference for your developer).

For more options, check out my Resources page!

What are some of your favorite tools? How do you narrow it down so you don't have too many things to use?

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