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House items | Dotted Design The last month or so has been a whirlwind as B and I bought our first house! I can hardly believe that in two weeks, we'll be homeowners. Part of me feels like we're old people, but most of me is so excited to have a space that is our own. It's a house built in 1927 that is teeming with charm and details, which is exactly what I wanted - I want to feel like the house has a history that we're simply adding to, rather than the cookie cutter-ness of a brand new build with no trees. We'll be just north of downtown Milwaukee in a beautiful old neighborhood with huge trees and walking distance to so many restaurants and shops. I'm dying to have a garden, lots of flowers, a dedicated room for my office (*happy dance*), a fireplace, room to host lots of people, and to take on decorating a new space.

While my days are filled with designing on screen for web and print, designing a home is a creative avenue I love exploring. I definitely suffer from "I want it all done immediately!" syndrome, so I'm trying to pace myself and really find items that I love and are meaningful. If it were up to me, I'd do the entire house in black, white, and gray, but luckily I have B to say, "Really? You want that room gray, too??"

I've been filling up Pinterest boards with items I'd love to have in the house so that we can prioritize what we need. I am in love with simplicity and neutrals (no surprise there) keeping the details in interesting shapes and our own photos.

Do you have a favorite place to scout for home goodies? Advice on home decor? Please share!


shop the items: diamond rug | hello mat | side table | coasters | round shelf | ampersand print | pillow | candles | hexagon mirror

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