tips for mixing typefaces.

tips for mixing typefaces | Dotted Design Every typeface as a personality of its own. Finding ways to combine them is truly an art form. It's often easy to spot bad combinations, but how do you figure out good combinations?

While there are no absolute rules, here are four quick guidelines for mixing typefaces:

  • Keep things simple. Just like you wouldn't want to use 12 colors in a graphic or a brochure (unless it's about a rainbow), the same goes for typefaces. When you have too many going on, it becomes distracting to the reader. Of course, you want your message to be legible. A good rule of thumb is to use no more than 2-3 on any given project. . simple typefaces | dotted design.
  • Create contrast. If you use two typefaces that are too similar, it is going to look more like a mistake than an intention. The point of using multiple typefaces is to bring a different character into the project, so anything too similar won't achieve that goal. It's a good trick to try pairing a serif font (the letters have those little feet on them) with a sans serif font (straight edges on the letters). .
  • Use different weights. While you are pairing contrasting types, try using different weights to help create that contrast. Using two very bold fonts might feel like someone is just yelling at you, while using two very thin fonts might not create enough interest. . contrast typefaces | dotted design .
  • Keep the typeface personalities complementary. Just like people, you want your typefaces to be in harmony! While the styles and weights should contrast, the "vibe" should be in sync. You don't want a Victorian-feeling typeface sitting next to a modern, sleek one. It creates confusion in the story your graphic is trying to tell.

personality typeface | dotted design


While there are endless combinations to try, one bonus point is to make sure you aren't a slave to trends. Just because you notice everyone is using handwritten typefaces doesn't mean you have to as well, for example. Always make decisions based on what makes sense for your brand!

What are some of your favorite font combinations?