current favorite podcasts.

Podcasts for Creatives | Dotted Design One of my favorite ways to keep up on what's happening in my industry and learn from others' experiences is by listening to podcasts. They are great when you are doing any mindless activities, or you can listen while taking a walk or exercising. I still listen to many on the last podcast list I made, but I love discovering new or new-to-me podcasts. These are some of my current business favorites:

Being Boss: Hosted by Kathleen Shannon of Braid Creative and Emily Thompson of Indie Shopography, it's for creative entrepreneurs covering all sorts of topics related to running your business. Their ongoing catchphrase is always "do the work" - so true!

Creative Start: This podcast features interviews with creative entrepreneurs telling how they got their start and built their business. My favorite was #12 with designer Anelise Salvo (no surprise)!

Elise Gets Crafty: This is one of those new-to-me ones - hosted by Elise Blaha Cripe, it features small business insights about motivation and creativity and how to utilize your time and skills. Love the one on introverts!

Creating Your Own Path: This podcasts shares interviews with all kinds of people in creative industries. Great for inspiration on not having to follow the typical path.

And a bonus, non-business one:

Invisibilia: An NPR podcast, it examines all the forces that impact human behavior. With storytelling and science, it looks into how ideas, assumptions, and beliefs all impact how we behave as humans. Interesting stuff!

What is your favorite podcast these days? 



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