3 ways to build visual brand consistency.

3 tips for visual brand consistency | on Dotted Design Do you ever see an image or a post that screams a certain person or brand to you? For example, if I see a bold black and white with a pop of bright color, I think Kate Spade. If I'm scrolling through Instagram and see a mostly white photo with a black or neutral-colored object, I always know it is from The Veda House. How do you build that expectation with your audiences?

While as a person it may be fun to mix up your wardrobe or look for new recipes every month, with your brand, visual consistency in what you present is key. I have a few friends that could go into a store and pick out an outfit that is "so Laura." I used to take offense to that, but now as a business, I can see the power in building a consistency of that level.

One of the secrets about sticking to a consistent visual identity is that it makes your job easier! You won't waste time wondering what font you should use on your Facebook ad or what colors your newsletter should be this week. Consistency builds a recognizable brand for your customer that makes them feel comfortable, but it also builds a simpler work system for you or your designer.

It is obvious advice that your visual brand begins with a professional logo and website design. But...then what? How can you use that base to build a brand that your followers recognize in an instant?

Stick to one set of fonts and colors. While you might think it keeps it interesting to use a different font every time you post an image, it is better to have the predictability of a set of fonts and colors for your brand. Because people see SO many messages and images each day, they will grow accustomed to recognizing your posts if they see them in their various feeds and think, "Oh! I love this person's posts, I'm definitely clicking!" Bonus note: please don't use more than two fonts at once in an image. Keep it simple and don't make your readers' eyes work too hard.

Bring your visual identity into all your products. I'm sure you would use your logo and follow your style guide when building your website, but do you apply this scheme to everything you send out? If you are a service-based business, use your brand fonts and colors on your documents like proposals, quotes, contracts, and invoices. If you teach an online webinar, bring that visual consistency into your email templates, presentations, and course handouts. If there is something you are giving to your client or customer, use it as a tool for building consistency in your brand.

Stay consistent both online and offline. You may have consistent imagery across your social media accounts, but what about the business card you hand out at a networking event? Don't forget about those in-person experiences with your audience. It helps a person connect with your brand if every touchpoint you have stays within your visual identity. Use your consistent visuals in both your email signature and in the handwritten thank you notes you send.

In what ways do you build consistency in your brand materials?

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