handlettered happy hour {1}

Bourbon Apple Cider on dotted design I'm excited to start a new mini series today that I'm calling Handlettered Happy Hour! I've gathered up some of the best and most simple recipes for holiday beverages that are perfect after a long day of shopping, during a family gathering, or even just while under a blanket on a cold Tuesday evening. And of course, it's much more fun to hand letter the recipe.

This first one is great in crockpot: simply simmer your cider with cinnamon until it is warm, then add the bourbon when serving according to how strong you want it. Or, just pop a mug in the microwave for a single serving. This one feels very autumnal, even though it's already feeling very wintery outside.

Enjoy and hope you have a restful weekend!



drink, handletteringLaura Huebner