moodboard: a modern man.

Manly Moodboard on dotted design Today I am excited to share the moodboard for a web design project that's been in the works since this summer. The brand is a very stylish girl who is offering styling and wardrobe services to male clients who are either too busy or handle their clothes or are looking for some professional guidance in their style. She herself is quite sophisticated and chic, and her business is all about style, service, and ease for her clients. I thought her business concept was so clever (I've only ever seen stylists catering to women, with perhaps an occasional man on the roster) and her aesthetic so up my alley that I had to be a part of it.

Her website needed a clean, modern aesthetic; simple and to the point for the busy businessman she appeals to. It had to both be masculine enough for her clients while also letting her own sense of style shine through. We settled on of mix of typefaces, including bold block letters and light, easy handwritten-type fonts {though nothing frilly} for occasional accents. The base of the color palette is black and white, with pops of cobalt and just a touch of poppy.

The website should be wrapping up soon, so I'll be sharing it as soon as it's live!

branding, moodboardLaura Huebner