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Pattern Play on dotted design

One element of design that always fascinates me is patterns. They seem so simple, yet creating one can prove to be more complicated than one might think. It is all about combining the right amount of open space with the feature, whether that is polka dots, flowers, animals, or what not. And, this perfect balance might vary greatly across projects.

I’m currently working on a web design project that will be subtlely incorporating some patterns into the design, and it has made me obsessive in noticing beautiful patterns. I see them on people’s clothes on the streets, in the clouds, and [obviously] all over Pinterest. It can be hard to explain what draws me to some patterns over others. I’ve rounded up some of my current favorites here - what makes you love a pattern?

floral skirt | dotted pants | geometric flats | napkins | pearl clutch | pencils

patternLaura Huebner