pretty packaging: minimalist design.

minimalist package design roundup | dotted design One of my favorite thoughts is, “Simplicity isn’t simple.” While it may appear that a logo or a packaging design looks effortless, the time and effort it takes to make it look this way can be immense. It’s much easier to throw everything in your head onto a canvas and say, “There is it!” and call it a day. But, that would not constitute great design.

One of the key elements of the design process is EDIT. Think it’s done? Take a step back, return, and take something out. Of course, this could go on forever, and knowing when it’s done is the mark of a great designer. I am in love with the absolute simplicity of these logo and packaging designs - the balance, the breathing room, the font choices. While that aesthetic may not be everyone’s taste, I swoon over simple designs such as these.

What design aesthetic do you love?


images via forest milk | march salt | vodka | bottles | five&dime | jam | tea