style it / send it {11}: the man edition.

style it / send it: man edition  |  dotted design It’s been a little while since I’ve done a post in this series, and I’m oh-so-excited to bring it back! Today I’m pairing up items for the elusive Boy Gift.

A challenge when hunting for a little something for your dad/brother/boyfriend/uncle/man is that they don’t always appreciate gorgeous calligraphy or detailed gold foil. It can be a challenge to find a card that isn’t too sweet! {I also grow exhausted by the fact that so many Father’s Day cards center around tools. I get it: many dads are the fix-it guy of a family. But is that really why you’re happy he’s your dad? But I digress.} I’m loving these not-so-predictable cards and the fun items to pair them with.


style it: watch, lacoste - Loving the unique face on this wrist candy. / send it: classic dad gifts, rifle paper co. - Wrapping up all the expected gifts into one card just made me giggle.


style it: khaki weekender, target - So manly, yet so chic. / send it: daddy card, sugar paper - Good for anytime, and straight to the point!


style it: whale bottle opener, bhdln - Because who wouldn’t want to open a bottle with a whale? / send it: whale thank you, the social type - Loving these silly whales!