4 simple tips to up your brand’s design level.

4 Tips to up your brand's design level | dotted design Whenever summer starts to approach, I always get anxious to clean out my workspace and my closet. (I think this is leftover from the school year ending each year growing up and getting to clean up and start over!) Nowadays, I also start itching to clean up my website and marketing materials!

Now, developing a full and cohesive brand is no simple, finish-in-20-minutes task. But, fear not! While every business and person is different, there are a few items that anyone can apply to his or her brand and instantly up the level of professionalism.

1)      Consistency is imperative. The most important way to establish your brand is with consistent design. Each page on your website should feel like it goes with the others. Your business card should be an extension of your website’s branding. All the images in your blog posts should be the same width (please!). When customers see themes, they will begin to associate them with your brand. Think: black & white stripes of Sephora or the use of florals in Rifle Paper Co.

2)      Stick with a color palette. Color is one of the most powerful tools in your design belt. Different colors evoke different emotions and messages, and choosing them wisely can positively affect your brand. Some people love color and try using a rainbow of hues on every page. Others are color shy and only use black and white. Somewhere in the middle is probably where you should aim! I recommend establishing a primary color, a secondary color, and a neutral. The easiest place to start is by taking cues from your logo. Which of these would you rather read?

Color comparison | dotted design


3)      Choose only 2-3 fonts. An easy way to make your reader tired is to use a myriad of fonts all on one page. The brain has to shift so many times that it won’t comprehend what it’s reading. If you like artistic or handwritten fonts, use these in a headline where the phrase will only be a few words. Use a simple, easy-to-read font for your body copy. These fonts should contrast each other, but still coordinate. See for yourself:

Font Study | dotted design


4)      Simplicity is your friend. Your reader’s motto is always, “Don’t make me think.” You don’t want anyone to struggle to figure out what to do when visiting your site or reading your materials! Keep your message and your call to action clear. This doesn’t mean you have to resort to an extremely minimalist aesthetic and not infuse personality and details into the brand. But, if your website has too much going on, the reader won’t know what to look at and will like move on. Which of these sites would you rather look through? {wink wink}

Keep it Simple | dotted design

. P.S. Feeling inspired, but totally overwhelmed in designing your logo, brand, or site? I’d love to help! Let me worry about finding colors, fonts, and layouts while you keep busy in your actual business. Drop me a line and tell me your story!