style it / send it {10}

style it / send it on dotted design

In this month’s edition of Style It / Send It, I’m feeling unlike myself and going for the bright pops of color. I always gravitate towards black and white, and neutrals always make me feel calm. Perhaps it’s my desperation for spring, perhaps it’s the fact that I have a few awesome client projects right now that are all about the bright colors. Regardless of the reason, it’s always a great idea to step out of the ordinary!

style it capri espadrille francis, kate spade what is more spring-like than lemons - needing some lemonade now. / send it little cutie, Parrott Design Studio so precious for the new little ladies coming into the world this spring.

style it drape neck coat, Zara the perfect spring jacket. / send it omg you’re engaged, The Social Type I love sending this card to newly engaged friends!

style it arrow ring, asos subtle style in my current favorite gold. / send it arrows card, Sycamore Street Press ok, one had to be black.