recent work: blog logo design.

I'm excited to share the final logo today for the moodboard I shared a few weeks back! Jessie has launched a new blog, and she needed a fresh brand to help her transition from an old, abandoned blog into her new, revamped version. Just Jessie logo | Round 1 | dotted design

Following our discussion and her moodboard, I gave her these initial logo versions to peruse. I tend to give first logo versions in greyscale so that choices aren't influenced by color instead of concept. We knew she wanted something type-focused, since a blog title must be legible, and she had indicated she wanted a script type included. I experimented with both serif and sans serif options, as well as a few different script fonts.


Just Jessie logo | dotted design

The final version wasn't too far from the original bottom right! We switched the word "just" to a sans serif, added some color, and played with the scale a bit. We used her pink and teal, but kept it mostly black as not too veer too far into a rainbow world. We rounded things out with a custom favicon, some page graphics, and social media profile images.

It was so much fun to work on this girly project - if you'd like, check out Jessie's new blog as well!

PS If you're interested in rebranding your blog or business, I'd love to hear from you!