recent work: a blog moodboard

Jessie's Blog Moodboard | dotted design

I’m happy to share some more client work with you today! This moodboard is all kinds of girly happiness. The client is a blogger, Jessie, who is transitioning from blogging exclusively about healthy eating into a more broad lifestyle area. Not only is she changing the name, but she infusing more of herself into the blog - which is why she asked me to help her rebrand.

When we met, Jessie elaborated on her girly nature (pink, teal, purple, glitter, etc. all tickle her fancy), how she loves handwritten-looking fonts, and appreciates a clean and simple design aesthetic. Stalking her Pinterest boards helped me further explore the pink + girl power vibe (and quotes like “some girls are born with glitter in their veins” :)) that this lovely lady has going on. The challenge with guidelines like this is to make sure not to be too juvenile or make something that looks fit for a tween. I wanted to bring in an air of sophistication into her design. The key here was making something uncluttered and allowing whitespace to give some calm to the glitter that was to come.

This moodboard organizes what I felt she was expressing about herself, her blog direction, and her brand. Pink, yes, but also some stylish typography and a classic black & white element. I’ll be sharing some of the initial logo concepts coming up soon...stay tuned!