what dotted spotted.

what dotted spotted

Happy Friday! February is finally coming to an end (how does the shortest month feel like the longest?) I’m happy to share today some of the lovely things I’ve noted this month.

wear initial pendant, nordstrom I used to have an “L” necklace when I was in middle school, which if I recall was a trendy thing to have. This necklace, however, is a simple, grown-up version that also indulges my love of circles!

walk tasmin pump, loeffler randall It is still snowy, slushy, and cold around here, but I’m dreaming of the days where I can again wear shoes without socks. Enter: pretty print heels!

wrap whistler scarf, wool and the gang Oh, how I want to bundle in this gigantic scarf!!

wish hexagon floor I am in love with the shape of this floor - certainly thinking outside the box.

spottedLaura Huebner