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With the start of a new year, one of my first thoughts is usually, Where am I going to travel this year? I truly believe that it is a vital part of life - a way to get out of your everyday routine and experience something new. It teaches you about the world, the way other people live, and best of all, is a spark for creativity. A new continent is amazing, but even visiting a nearby town can be just as refreshing.

In my dream world, I’d love to go to a new country every month, but somehow work and budgets quell this aspiration - shocking, I know. As I think of my travel list, my top five (as of today) destinations must include the following:

Vienna | 5 Travel Ideas on dotted design 1) Vienna What strikes me most when in Europe is how old everything is compared to the United States. Such history! Sometimes called the City of Music, Vienna is the home of amazing musical heritage (Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms all lived and worked here - among countless others). Their museums, architecture, and fine desserts are also calling my name. .

Gibraltar | 5 Travel Ideas on dotted design 2) Gibraltar A British territory that sits at the southern tip of the Iberian peninsula, Gibraltar is a 2.6 square mile area filled with gorgeous sights. You may have heard of the Rock of Gibraltar, which is likely its main attraction. Confession: I really want to go here to play with their monkeys (known as macaques). Combine this with a tour of some southern Spain cities, and we’ve got a great trip! .

Peru | 5 Travel Ideas on dotted design 3) Machu Picchu This one might be a cliche, but I care not. I’d love to take the trek though Peru to see the Incan ruins that originated in the 1400s. Talk about feeling on top of the world - these photos speak for themselves. .

Thailand | 5 Travel Ideas on dotted design 4) Thailand

I have several friends now who have visited this beautiful country, and their accounts have brought this country high on my list. The Eastern architecture, the food, the nature - all reasons I’ve got to see this one. .

San Francisco | 5 Travel Ideas on dotted design 5) San Francisco

I figured I’d better put a domestic one on this list! With so much beauty around the world, it can be easy to forget all the wonderful places to visit domestically. I’ve heard nothing but great tales of the restaurants and city sights here, not to mention it is the home of the house on Full House (90s children anywhere?!).

As for this weekend, I'm taking a little road trip to Indianapolis (exotic!) to see a basketball game at my awesome alma mater in the most historic Hinkle Fieldhouse.

Where would you go if time and money were no object?

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