five ways to savor the simple this season.

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The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are often a blur. Everyone seems to have a sense of urgency as the holidays approach - buy the perfect gifts, wrap up that project before the year ends, decorate the house, and bake all the cookies. While these can be delightful things to do, it can be hard to slow down for a moment and really enjoy the festive activities. Suddenly, it’s December 26, and you’re totally sad it’s over!

So, today, I’ve come up with a few ways for you to take a moment, an hour, or an afternoon to enjoy the simple things of the season for yourself or for others:

  • send a single card: So, you don’t quite have time to send out a boatload of Christmas cards this year. (Your sister will totally understand if she doesn't get one.) Why not select just one or two long-lost friends and send a quick hello card? You can write a bit longer message (since you aren’t sending 50) and you will completely brighten their days. (pictured above: HeartJoyfulCheer)
  • sip a warm, festive drink: Nothing says cozy like a cup of hot chocolate. Why not try this delightful Nutella hot chocolate, Italian hot chocolate (super thick!), or if you’re feeling sassy, a little bourbon-spiked hot chocolate?
  • bake some joy: There is bound to be a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or acquaintance who could use a bit of holiday cheer. Why not bake him or her something delightful? For something a little different, why not try this eggnog cake (pictured above), Rosemary Olive Oil bread (pictured above), or honey cranberry bread. You could even check out the seasonal offerings at your local bakery if you don’t have time to bake!
  • engage in a holiday dance party: Nothing relieves stress like a bit of exertion! Grab a feisty friend, a cooperative dog, or even just yourself and shake it like a little kid. Some of my favorite Christmas albums include Amy Grant’s A Christmas Album or Home for Christmas (classics in my household growing up), *NSYNC’s Home for Christmas (obviously), or the She & Him Holiday station on Pandora.
  • throw a book swap: This is something my book club does, and it’s a fun way to share a gift without spending any money! We get together either at someone’s home or meet at a restaurant for a drink, and everyone brings a wrapped book that they already owned. It's a fun way to try a new book with low commitment.

Remember: you don't have to have the flashiest tree or give the perfect gift. The most important things in this season are sharing conversations and moments with those you love and finding ways to brighten the season for others. I hope you are finding calm in the bustle that is this time of year!

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