pretty packaging: pasta + bread.

pasta+bread packaging on dotted design

Today we have the carbo-loading edition of Pretty Packaging. When the weather gets chilly and the daylight gets short, nothing says cozy like a big bowl of pasta or a warm slice of bread. When the packaging is this pretty, I can only imagine how delicious the product will be!

  • numeric Since typography is an obsession of mine, these numbers are a totally cool way to catch a consumer eye.
  • hexagonal The shape of this is pure genius. As a serial over-estimator of pasta quantities, I’d surely seek out this box.
  • window I love that the pasta is the star of the show in these boxes.
  • handwritten I love the effortless, homemade feel that this package gives.
  • black and white The color scheme of this bag gives me a Parisian vibe - so chic.
  • patterned I always love a bold pattern - and these are just beautiful.
  • pasta man This one just made me laugh.
  • cylindrical  Another pretty awesome shape.

Which is your favorite?


design, packagingLaura Huebner