design files: yoga branding.

body and soul yoga by dotted design Today I'm sharing a bit of the work I'm doing on a logo and branding project. Ann, the lovely lady who owns this yoga studio, is a traveling yogi - she brings her classes to businesses, small groups, or homes rather than operating a brick and mortar studio.

Ann started practicing yoga about eight years ago to enhance her then workout routine. After discovering it helped alleviate back pain she'd been having for years, she was hooked! Some of the feelings she hopes her brand evokes are peace, tranquility, and strength. She wants her yoga to bring calm to her students, strengthen their bodies, and enrich their souls. Enter: Body & Soul Yoga!

I chose a blue that felt peaceful and yet strong, complemented by clean white and a more natural tan. Mixing a thin, sans serif font with a script font melds the feelings of both strength and calm that her yoga provides. Finally, enclosing the name in a circle represents both the peace she seeks and the infinity of yoga - it is a lifelong practice.

body & soul yoga biz card

So far we've created business cards, but more collateral is to come!

Hope you enjoy!

branding, designLaura Huebner