a dream office workspace.

dream workspace on dotted design

It’s hard to believe Labor Day has come and gone! September brings the feeling of getting down to business. Summer makes it easy to postpone projects, make sangria, or talk a walk outside. When fall rolls around, schedules return to their places: school gets started, performing arts seasons open, and football again graces our Sundays (not to mention, the pumpkin pins come out in droves, right on cue).

All these back-to-routine vibes make me dream about my own home office. We may only have a one-bedroom place right now, but someday I hope to design my own workspace in our home. (I also hope for a library, but we’ll see about that one.) I am a firm believer that your workspace affects the outcome of your efforts, so I aspire to make my space as calm, inspiring, and lovely as possible. A great desk, a comfy chair, and perfect lighting are a given, but adding some art, accessories, and supplies will really bring it all together.

I chose neutral furniture, a simple striped rug, and white larger accessories (that giraffe lamp!), then added some pops with the smaller accessories in gold and yellow. That bin would be perfect for organizing, and I just had to add the "fancy" pencils. One must always have notecards and a notebook on hand, and an art print with sweet words finishes it off.

What is most important to you in creating an inspiring workspace?

items: mousepad notecards bin pencils notebook print rug vase lamp chair desk

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