typography in the city.

typography in the city

Typography in the city might not be quite as exciting as "Sex in the City," but here we go!

One of things I love about exploring cities is discovering all the variations in typography. From vintage signs to freshly designed logos to beautiful artwork, finding those gems can be such an adventure.

This first collage of beautiful typography is from my scouring of the internet - a mix of shop signs and window lettering. Imagine if we could get all these places on one street!


typography in milwaukee

I’ve also captured a few glimpses from my own city. I walk nearly the same route daily, but I’m always noticing small things that I hadn’t seen before. The beauty is in the details!

What is your favorite thing to discover when exploring new cities (or your own)?

first image set via 1 2 3 4 5 second image set by dotted design

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