mixing patterns.

pillow patterns

In this edition of Pattern Play, I’m headed to the homefront. Or rather, the couchfront.

I definitely into the pattern mixing trend, and pillows provide an easy avenue to do so. The key is to keep all the patterns in similar color families and make sure all the patterns aren’t equally loud - we don’t want any shouting decor! You can go as soft or as bold as your tastes enjoy.

I’m especially excited to see these patterns in the new H&M home collection (in case you haven’t heard about it!). It’s a totally affordable way to spruce up your place - I’m definitely coveting these pillows. Check out the rest of the collection!

1 | diamond dot golden  multi zig zag   chevron crewel  embroidered dot

2 | letter pillow  stripe  jacquard  polka dot

3 | zahara  la mer  brent


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