design files: bachelorette invitations.

kate spade-themed bacherlorette | dotted design

Today I’m happy to share with you one of my recent design projects. When I was approached by the lovely Allie Hofer to design an invitation for her sister’s bachelorette party, I was instantly in. Being the classy lady she is, Allie was planning a Kate Spade-themed event, complete with polka dots, bows, stripes, and cocktails. After determining the color theme, we were off!

bachelorette | dotted design

Allie also had me whip up a few coordinating elements for the party: we did banners with adjectives representing the bride-to-be, a menu of her delicious food, and favors for the guests with their own individual adjectives.

The project was such a pleasure since our tastes were always on the same page. Thanks to Allie for working with me!

PS You can check out Allie’s blog as well where she chronicles her life and life lessons!

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