what dotted spotted.

what dotted spotted

Time for another end-of-month edition of What Dotted Spotted! This time around, I’m trying my best to feel summery, despite the plethora of rainy days we’ve been having. I’m pretty sure these shorts and sangria will help.

Only a short week until a small break for the Fourth! Until then, happy Friday and have a great weekend.

WALK Jeffrey Campbell flats. I am so in love with these shoes. For all the walking I do, sometimes flats are a must!

WEAR elephant shorts. Though giraffes are my preferred animal, these shorts are just too cute to pass up. I love how this gal has styled them with the colored bracelets.

WINE strawberry sangria. How perfect on a hot summer day! Strawberries, wine, brandy...sign me up.

WANT this bedroom. The wallpaper is just divine.