tuesday taste: grilled cheese.

grilled cheese variations | dotted design

Once summertime rolls in and I get tired of making big, hot dinners, sandwiches enter heavy rotation on our menus. Though it may sound totally cliche as a native Wisconsinite, I adore cheese, so naturally, grilled cheese makes a frequent appearance. But, bread + American slices? Oh-so-dull. Why not grill up one of these lovely cheese concoctions on your favorite bread?

1  |  brie  +  jam  +  apple : I always adore something sweet. This combo of soft cheese, sweet jam (I recommend apricot!) and a bit of apple crunch is delightful.

2  |  cheddar  +  bacon  + avocado : a classic combo, this sandwich will fill you up for hours!

3  |  feta  +  guacamole  +  tomato slice : if you love avocado, but want something with a bit more flavor, you must try this one. I use avocado + cilantro + garlic + jalapeno in my guac. Disclaimer: I hate tomato, but for those who enjoy it, I hear it’s a lovely addition.

4  |  mozzarella  +  parmesan  +  gorgonzola : why use one cheese when you can use multiple? Simple as that.

5  |  Swiss  +  pineapple  +  brown sugar : for more of a dessert flavor, I love grilling up some pineapple, sprinkling some brown sugar, and melting it all together with some Swiss.

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