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brain on fire | susannah cahalan If you haven't read "Brain on Fire," you're missing a great story. Susannah Cahalan tells her story of decline into illness and the intervention that saved her life. She was a young journalist, living in New York and working for the Post when she slowly started feeling like she was going crazy. When $1 million worth of blood tests and brain scans revealed nothing, the doctors were ready to commit her to the psychiatric ward. She falls so deep into her madness that she can't even remember a month of her stay in the hospital. But then...Dr. Najjar joined her forces to find what was attacking her brain.

It's truly a remarkable story about losing all control, seeing a family and loved ones rally together, and feel like you're experiencing her madness with her. I'd highly recommend it!

May you have a relaxing weekend - it's finally going to be in the 60s here!

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